About Us

A few years ago, our founder’s wife had cosmetic surgery, and needed post-operative treatments she could use straight away to kickstart her body’s healing. What he found is there was no COMPLETE care solution that would help with swelling, inflammation, pain, fight infection and of course scar reduction.

After seeing the pain his wife had gone through and understanding her surgery scar concerns our founder went on mission to find a COMPLETE solution for post-surgery wound & scar healing.

Extensive research took our founder across the globe where he teamed up with world leading dermatologists and skincare experts. This lead to the creation of the Wound & Scar Treatment Therapy™

The Wound & Scar Treatment Therapy™ was used during our founder’s wife’s second cosmetic surgery 2 years after her first. She began applying Control Topical Solution™ twice daily starting two days prior to her surgery date. This was to prepare the skin for the upcoming trauma.

Post-surgery she continued to use Control Topical Solution™ to reduce inflammation, manage the pain and reduce bruising and swelling.  Those of you who have had post-surgery massages will know just how painful they can be, however our founder’s wife was able to have 2 massages per day with minimal pain. She noticed that her bruising and swelling also reduced a lot quicker than it did the first time she had surgery.

The founder’s wife began using Conceal Ultimate Scar Cream™ very soon after surgery. She has extremely sensitive skin so was ecstatic at how fast and well her scars had healed. Conceal has also improved the appearance of her previous surgery scars.

Our founder then had other women who had cosmetic surgery test the product. The feedback was nothing short of amazing. It was at this point he was satisfied that he had created an effective and complete solution to post surgery wound and scar healing…. And so, Contour Laboratories was born.